Biking Biking at Swan Lake State Park
The Sauk Rail Trail is a 33 mile long multi-use had surface recreational trail in Carroll and Sac Counties. The north end of the trail winds through Sac County countyside into the Carroll County Countyside and communityies of Breda and Maple River before reaching Swan Lake State Park.
Biking Biking at Hazel Brush Wildlife Area
The Sauk Rail Trail goes though Hazel Brush Wildlife Area.
Cabins Cabins at Swan Lake State Park
The Swan Lake Cabin sleeps 6-8 comfortable and has a separate bedroom, kitchen, toilet & sink room. The shower house is just a short walk from the cabin. The cabin is also air conditioned and close to the lake,  Sauk Rail Trail & the Disc Golf Course.
Equestrian Activities Equestrian Activities at Dickson Timber
Best horse trails in the county!