Grant Wood Trail

Grant Wood Trail
The Grant Wood Trail was acquired in late 2004 when gifted to the Conservation Board by the Linn County Trails Association. The 100 acre parcel is a former Milwaukee Road railroad right-of-way from Marion to Martelle, IA.  Though not a contiguous 10 mile stretch, it does provide a nice 6+ mile loop from Highway 13 on the west, going east for 3.25 miles and then back to the current trailhead. Short-term plans include creating an underpass under the four-laned Hwy. 13 and connecting with new trails coming east out of Marion, as well as a new connector to the existing trail system at Squaw Creek Park. Popular activities include walking, running, biking (grass & gravel), and nature study.


The Grant Wood Trail is located off of Hwy 13, near the intesection of Hwy 151.  Parking is available on a small zone on each end of the western section provides for some off-road parking. Sections of the trail are not complete, to see a map of the trail, click here or see the map below.

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A prehistoric bog can be found in the western section.

Operating Hours & Seasons

The Grant Wood Trail is primarily open from 4:00am to 10:30pm.