Sandy Hollow Rec. Area Swimming and Fishing Ponds

Posted:6/28/2017 Sioux

There have been a lot of questions in regards to what we are doing with the swimming pond at the Sandy Hollow Recreation Area.  This area we are prepping for development of pond expansion and connection.  In order for us to get started on this project we needed to drain down the swimming pond and let some of dry out to get equipment in to do the work.  Attempts were made to catch and move the fish, unfortunately this didn’t go as planned but did get a small handful of them moved.  An aeration pump was brought in to help those that remained in the low level of water.  We are currently waiting on the Army Corps to green light the project so we can get started.  The old swimming pond is going to be made larger stretching further east and south and the two ponds will be connected.  We are also planning on expanding the swimming beach to make that easier to use.

Reminder this area requires an entrance pass for your vehicle.  Passes can be purchased upon entering the park.  Passes are $20 per vehicle for annual sticker (good for current calendar year).  Additional vehicle stickers may be purchased at $10 per additional vehicle, for those within the same house hold and purchased same day.  Day passes are $5 per vehicle per day.