Twin Springs Natural Area

Stream Corridor (photo by Bill Witt)
Stream Corridor (photo by Bill Witt)
Limestone Outcrop (photo by Bill Witt)
Stream pool below old bridge (photo by Bill Witt)
Native Vegetation

Twin Springs Natural Area is bordered south by the Cedar Valley Nature Trail and the Cedar River.  The site is home to a pair of meandering, shallow streams with a gravel bottom that empties into the Cedar River. 

Twin Springs Natural Area is a work in progress.  Once heavily grazed, land managers have started the processes of restoring the native vegetation and habitat that once thrived in the area.  Wildlife such as wild turkeys, pheasants, and coyotes abound along with a variety of bird species such as the great blue heron, bald eagle, kestrel, and bobolink use this linear, but long piece of property.  A small limestone outcropping overlooking the stream also makes for an unique land feature in this area.

Remember to follow all local and state fishing, hunting, and trapping regulations.


Twin Springs Natural Area is located in the southeast corner of Black Hawk County between La Porte City and Brandon just north of the Cedar River.  The property can be accessed off of McChane Rd. on the north side of the property or by the Cedar Valley Nature Trail on the properties southern edge.


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Limestone outcrop

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Park Hours:  6 am - 10:30 pm