New Fishing Jetty

Posted:4/4/2012 Cerro Gordo / Blue-Bill Wildlife Area

A new fishing jetty has been constructed at the Bluebill Wildlife Area this winter, the result of Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board (CGCCB) being successful in receiving an Iowa DNR Fish Habitat Grant and a local grant from Armour-Eckrich. The 85 foot long by 12 foot wide fishing jetty is located on the west shoreline, near the boat ramp. The construction of this jetty increases fishing access to the lake, while also providing additional fish habitat.   The jetty has a smooth gravel surface making it easy to access for the angler. The outer end of the jetty will place the angler over 10-12 feet of water. This distance will place the angler out beyond the normal emergent vegetation line, providing increased fishing opportunities. The large rock used to construct the jetty also provides additional fish habitat, as shelter and spawning sites. The increased habitat created by the jetty also provides increased fishing opportunities for the angler.   Construction of the jetty consisted of three steps. The first step involved placement of large rip rap (12-24” diameter stone) into the lake basin to provide a solid base. Following placement of the large rock a layer of three inch rock was used to fill in the voids of the large rock thus providing a stable surface for the final layer. The final layer or top surface of the jetty was covered in a high quality road stone which provides a stable and smooth finished surface.   Funding for the fishing jetty project is being provided by an Iowa DNR Fish Habitat grant, Armour-Eckrich grant and CGCCB Resource Enhancement and Protection (REAP) funds. The CGCCB was awarded Fish Habitat grant funds in the amount of $35,250. Armour-Eckrich contributed $3,000 to the project and $8,750 of REAP funds were utilized.   Iowa Fish Habitat funds are derived from the sale of fishing licenses, with three dollars from each license sold used to promote fish habitat. The fishing jetty project not only provides additional fish habitat, but it also provides additional recreational opportunities for the angler.   The funding from Armour-Eckrich was a grant awarded to CGCCB for their company’s commitment to environmental projects. A portion of the statewide REAP funds are distributed to county conservation boards for conservation and recreation projects within their counties.   For more information on this project or other CGCCB programs contact the CGCCB office at 3501 Lime Creek Road, Mason City, IA 50401; call (641) 423-5309 or visit the website at, then click on outdoors under the quick find menu on the left margin.