Ice Fishing Rod Building Workshop

Rock Creek Marina & Campground, Clinton County

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Build an Ice Fishing Rod

5 PM (arriving up to 6 o'clock is acceptable, just let Jess know by txt 563-212-0955) @ the Community Room in the Mississippi River Eco Tourism Center at Rock Creek

The workshop will end when you complete your project, you can not take home to finish bc of the curing process. Rod must stay overnight to cure on the "spinners". You can pick up the rods at the Eco Center the very next day if you want to. The Center's hours are 9 AM - 3 PM daily. Special arrangements can be made the night of the event, if need be.

Local rod builder, Garry Land will help you build your very own, unique ice fishing rod for only $30! This is a DEAL! He will bring all the materials needed. Expertise, rod, handle, guides, thread and various glues and epoxies. Have a length in mind for your rod as it can be cut to a custom length. 

Helpful things to bring. Desk lamp, magnifying glasses and PATIENCE! The length time needed to finish your pole will depend on your hand/eye coordination and your personal preference of your quality of work. Three hours is a good estimation of average time spent. A little weird, but helpful, is to not trim your thumbnail short as a bit of a thumbnail comes in handy to push your threads together.

Kids are welcome to come but keep in mind their abilities, tolerance and patience. It may be a good idea to create one pole together. I would​ recommend a child be AT LEAST 12 years or older. Luckily there is the nature gallery to take breaks and entertain when needed.

If you have any questions contact Jess 563-212-0955.

Beverages and food will be available to purchase.  

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Ice Fishing Rod Building Workshop


Tuesday, January 21, 2020
5:00 PM - 10:00 PM


Adults - $30.00

Children - $30.00


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