Crellin Wildlife Refuge

Crellin Wildlife Refuge
Crellin Wildlife Refuge
Wild Turkeys

The Crellin Refuge is approximately 16 acres of riparian forest along the North Raccoon River. If you enjoy bird watching, hiking and/or river fishing, you will find this a quiet, secluded area to "get away from it all". 

Major tree species are Ash, Cottonwood, Silver Maple, Box Elders and Willows. The area is used by a host of wildlife species such as deer, wood ducks, and wild turkey.


These acres are located approximately 5 miles southwest of Minburn. 

Crellin Wildlife Refuge
Lexington Road
Minburn, Iowa  50167

Travel west from Minburn on County Road F31 and cross the North Raccoon River. The first intersection west of the river is with Lexington Road. Turn south (left) on Lexington Road and proceed about one mile to the entry sign. Park at the gate near the entry sign, then follow the path along the north tree line to access the wildlife area.

Area Map

Operating Hours & Seasons

Hours are 1/2 hour before sunrise to 10:00 pm.

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