Big Hollow Recreation Area

Fishing at Big Hollow Recreation Area

Fishing at Big Hollow

Only a few years ago, the area that is now the lake was forest and trails; today, most of the trees still stand, their canopies rising above the water, making the lake a fish and wildlife haven like no other around. The lake features excellent bluegill, crappie, channel cat, and bass fishing opportunity either by boat or from the shore.

Download a topographic map of the lake with GPS locations of fish structures (PDF) 

For anglers looking for a quieter setting, Big Hollow Recreation Area offers numerous other small ponds within its borders, all of which offer great fishing opportunities throughout the year. 

Fishing Tournaments
If you are planning a fishing event at Big Hollow, you must apply for a permit with the DNR. We also require that groups contact the DMCC Administration Office at (319) 753-8260 so that scheduling conflicts may be avoided.