Spring photography contest accepting entries

Posted:3/10/2017 Dickinson / Dickinson County Nature Center

The smell of grilled salmon wafted through the trees off West Lake Okoboji.

Small black noses twitched and mouths watered as four small raccoons peered over the limbs of a tree to see who was cooking such deliciousness.

It was at that exact moment that David Curry, 61 of Dakota Dunes, SD, clicked the shutter button, capturing an adorable photo of the four raccoon youngsters in the tree.

The photo earned Curry first place in the bi-annual photography contest at the Dickinson County Nature Center in Okoboji last fall.

The nature center’s spring photography contest is now open, with a deadline of April 1, and all ages are invited to submit their best nature shots. Find out how to enter on our website.