Celebrate Earth Day with John James Audubon

Posted:3/24/2017 Dickinson

While Brian Ellis chatted on the phone, he watched the prairie he had planted outside his home.

Grasses blew in the breeze, the soil radiated warmth from the sun and birds were nesting within view.

He hopes that when people come to his one-man storytelling production about John James Audubon that they will want to go home and make a difference in the environment by planting a native plot of their own.

“I start with asking the audience if they love birds, and by the end of the show, they can’t help but love birds, and if you love birds like I do, you’ll provide a place for them, not only bird feeders but by planting native plants and trees,” Ellis said.

Ellis’ Audubon show is the center point of this year’s Earth Day Celebration, put on by the Dickinson County Nature Center and the Pearson Lakes Art Center.

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