Bauer Slough (Public Hunting)

 Bauer Slough Sign
 Bauer Slough Sign
Bauer Slough Wetlands
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Bauer Slough

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Bauer Slough is one of the most unique and diverse wildlife areas in Hamilton County. This area consists of 417 acres of restored prairies and wetlands. A virgin wetland and prairie also exist on the site.


Located 2 miles southeast of Webster City at 2574 Kantor Ave. Go 3 miles south of Webster City on highway 17, turn east on county road D-41 for one mile, then turn back north on Kantor Avenue, go about one-half mile; the area is on the east side of the road.


Public hunting is allowed. Hunters should expect to find pheasants, ducks, geese, deer and coyotes in this area.

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