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Moorehead Pioneer Park

Biking Biking at Moorehead Pioneer Park
The Pleasant Valley Trail is a 5 mile concrete trail that begins at the playground area of Moorehead Park and connects to and circles Ida Grove. The serene beauty of Moorehead Park is a favorite place for many. Discover the wildlife that thrives in this natural area.
The Pleasant Valley Trail connects with approximately 5 miles of single track trails in the timber. These trails are a favorite among mountain bikers in the area.
Camping Camping at Moorehead Pioneer Park
Moorehead Park offers primitive camping only. Current rates are $12/night. Camping locations are restricted to fire grate locations throughout the park. 
Fishing Fishing at Moorehead Pioneer Park
Moorehead Lake is a 12 acre lake stocked with bluegill, largemouth bass and channel catfish. Iowa fishing regulations apply. No gasoline boat motors.
Historic Visits Historic Visits at Moorehead Pioneer Park
Once the original site of Ida Grove, Moorehead Park is an area proud of it’s history. In the early 1850’s, the Moorehead family came to settle in what has now become the park. Ruts from the early stagecoach are still obvious near the old (now refurbished) stagecoach inn. The stagecoach barn still stands nearby. It’s hand-hewn and wood pegged timbers display what life was like so long ago.
To compliment the historical aspect of the park, the Ida County Historical Society has relocated the original Grant Center Schoolhouse on the property. The schoolhouse is utilized every year as elementary children from the region gather to attend day-long lessons in what life was like in the country school days.
To visit the stagecoach inn, barn and schoolhouse contact Morris Hurd with the Historical Society at (712) 364-2581.
Hunting Hunting at Moorehead Pioneer Park

Only bow and arrow hunting for deer during the regular season set by the Iowa DNR is allowed in Moorehead Park. 

All tree stands and blinds used for hunting, photographing and viewing wildlife shall be temporary.

All blinds and stands shall include the owner's name and address on the bottom of the stand in such a manner so that it can be read from the ground.

No person shall drive or otherwise place any nail, spike, pin or any other object into any tree on county property for the purpose of constructing a blind or stand.

Stands and blinds may be up not more than two weeks before deer hunting season (bow and arrow) and must be removed within two weeks after the close of season.  All stands and blinds not meeting these qualifications will be removed by the county conservation board staff and become the property of the conservation board. Confiscated stands may be returned to the owner for a fee of twenty-five dollars each. 

The definition of hunting in the state of Iowa states: “Hunting” means any pursuing, hunting, killing, trapping, snaring, netting, searching for or shooting at, stalking or lying in wait for any game, animal, bird or fish protected by the state laws or rules adopted by the commission whether or not such animal is captured, killed or injured. Bragg explained that “driving” or “pushing” deer out of the park onto private property, even without a weapon, with the intent to kill is considered shotgun hunting. Therefore, this practice is not allowed in Moorehead Park. 

Trails & Hiking Trails & Hiking at Moorehead Pioneer Park
Take the day and get lost in nature on the several miles of trails in Moorehead Park. Our trails will take you to the remote areas where you are sure to see deer, turkey, squirrels, and many other of Mother Nature's creatures. Bridges will help you cross those difficult areas of the trail. Most trails are wooded, so dress appropriately. Bring water and bug spray.
Winter Activities Winter Activities at Moorehead Pioneer Park

Discover the old fashioned fun of sledding at Moorehead Park. Open on Sundays in the winter from 1:30 - 4:30 when conditions allow, our sledding hill will bring back the kid in all of us. A motorized tow rope will make your trip back to the top of the hill nearly as fun as the one down. The old Chicago/Northwestern train depot has been moved to it's location at the park and is used as a warming house.