Chichaqua Valley Recreation Trail


This scenic recreational trail begins Baxter and extends into Polk County in Bondurant.   This trail is paved from beginning to end, making it popular with rollerbladers as well as cyclists and hikers. Along the trail, one will spot mile markers showing the distance to Kansas City for this former railroad route. The trail also crosses stone bridges dating from the Wisconsin, Iowa & Nebraska Railroad that built this rail line in 1885. In later years, the line was used by the Chicago, St. Paul, & Kansas City Railroad (1886-1892), Chicago Great Western Company (1892-1968), and finally the Chicago & Northwestern Railroad Company (1968-1984). The line was abandoned in 1984, and reopened as a recreational trail in 1987. It includes a scenic crossing of the Skunk River.


Trailhead begings in Baxter off of W State St.             




Trail is currently closed from Valeria to Bondurant due to flood damage.  It is currently under repair and expects to be open in mid to late August.