Linn County's Water and Land Legacy bond

Linn County Water and Land Legacy Bond
Linn County Water and Land Legacy Bond
South Cedar Natural Area
Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Residents passed the Linn County Water and Land Legacy bond issue by nearly 74% approval.

The Water and Land Legacy bond would protect Water Quality and Natural Areas by:

  • Protecting sources of clean drinking water with targeted wetland, easements and buffer areas
  • Improving the water quality of the Cedar River, its tributaries, and other rivers and streams
  • Preserving natural areas for wildlife habitat
  • Maintaining land to provide natural floodwater storage to help reduce flooding
Park Improvements:
  • Construct and update picnic areas, park shelters, restrooms, interactive playgrounds and nature play areas, and other park improvements
  • Expand family campgrounds, including campsites, rental cabins, shower house facilities and play areas
  • Increase outdoor recreational experiences for walking, hiking, and biking, as well as equestrian use and cross country skiing
Linn County's Water and Land Legacy Bond will create and improve trails by:
  • Constructing Morgan Creek County Park's trail network and creating a paved trail that will link the park to the Cedar Rapids Trail system
  • Connecting the Marion trail system through Squaw Creek Park, continuing onto the Sac and Fox Trail in Cedar Rapids
  • Completing the Grant Wood Trail

Accountability Measures:
  • Full public disclosure of all expenditures will be required
  • Projects managed by the Linn County Conservation Board
  • Improvements to existing parks, recreational facilities and natural areas will be guided by approved master plans that include the community's input
  • Bond will cost the average homeowner less than $2.25 per month

Since the bond's passage in November of 2016, the Linn County Conservation Board has been working on utilizing these funds to the fullest potential, as detailed in the Oak Hickory Linn County Conservation Newsletter (click below). 

December 2016 Oak Hickory
April 2017 Oak Hickory

At this time, NO bond dollars have been spent or requested as planning continues.

The Linn County Conservation Board ​provided an update with the Linn County Board of Supervisors regarding the work and discussions that have taken place thus far during a joint meeting  held June 24, 2017.   The LCCB is hopeful to request some bond funding by 2018. 

 SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE to view slides presented during the joint meeting. 

Linn County Conservation Board and Board of Supervisor Agendas and Minutes can be accessed at

The Linn County Conservation Bond Public Review Board met October 17 to discuss projects involving bond funding. 

 SEE BELOW  to view the projects involving bond funding presented to the Bond Review Board
 SEE BELOW to view the slides presented to the Bond Review Board

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