Natural Resources Management

protecting preserving and enhancing the natural resources of Linn County through conservation practices

Natural Resources
Natural Resources
Natural Resources
Natural Resources
Natural Resources

Natural Resources
Poplars at SCP
Pollinator at SCP
Bittersweet Pincion Ridge

Bittersweet Chokes out the Canopy


What does the Natural Resources division do? 

  • evaluate timber resource,write management plans and proposals for timber management, conduct timber sales when appropriate, prepare contracts for timber sales. Conduct timber stand improvement.
  • conduct tree planting, both large scale seedling plantings and large landscape trees. 
  • develop food plot planting plan and plant food plots for wildlife. Information on what has been planted is available at Food Plots.
  •  maintain and implement a Hazard tree program, to ensure public safety. Remove hazard trees.
  • conduct landscaping of newly developed sites, such as trails lodges, buildings.
  • maintain and write crop leases for the Department
  • write and maintain vegetation management plan for Department, which includes chemical  application and purchase. 
  • conduct habitat improvement through vegetation manipulation, and the construction of wetlands.

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