Wickiup's Wandering Woods

Our Nature Playscape

Wickiup's Wandering Woods is open!!
more features coming soon

We were beyond excited to see children and adults PLAY in this new area near the Wickiup Hill Learning Center following a busy playscape construction season! The playscape is in a natural setting – nestled between the woods and the wetland – away from streets, cars, and parking areas. Children in natural settings are more relaxed, focused, creative, and nurturing. The playscape provides more open-ended play opportunities than a traditional playground. Wickiup’s Wandering Woods gives children the stimulation, adventure, and wonder of the outdoors needed to develop a healthy, holistic relationship with nature and themselves. This leads to a love of nature, starting them down the path to becoming future stewards of the natural world.

A few elements will be added through the winter and early next spring; including a new deck, zip line, and more one-of-a kind willow hideouts.   Keep on the lookout for more features and information about our playscape coming this spring.

Wickiup's Wandering Woods are going to be a great place for kids to play outside and explore! We can use your help!
If you would like to donate to the Woods toward future maintenance, click the yes I want to help button below!