Buffalo Creek Park

Trails & Hiking at Buffalo Creek Park

Buffalo Creek Park
There is a short, 1.2 mile trail in the north end of Buffalo Creek Park. It is a completely level trail terrain with gravel surfacing. The trail brushes along the Buffalo Creek in a few locations and passes through numerous wetlands. This area of the park is designated as a "Dog Training Area", and is exempt from the requirement of having your pet(s) on a leash. Another significant point of interest along this trail is one of the largest natural collections of blue belle wildflowers in the region - be sure to plan you hike in late April or early May to catch the under story of the woods in full bloom.


Buffalo Creek Park is located near 1812 Coggon Rd, Coggon, 52218


When entering the park, look for the roadside prairie planting; numerous flowering species were introduced which provides a unique feature to the park entrance throughout the summer. Among many other wildflowers, one of the largest populations of blue belles in the area can be found here. A short trip into Coggon provides an interesting visit to the dam and walkway structure over Buffalo Creek. Playground, campground, and horseshoe courts are also available.


Buffalo Creek is open daily from 4AM to 10:30PM. However, roads are closed to vehicles from late October until April 15, ground and stream conditions permitting.