Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Biking at Cedar Valley Nature Trail

biking along the CVNT
The Cedar Valley Nature Trail (CVNT) is a 51 mile linear park created from an abandoned railroad between Evansdale and Hiawatha. The trail is paved from Hiawatha to just south of Center Point, and from just outside of LaPorte City to Waterloo. The rest of the trail is crushed limestone.


The trail runs connects to other trails in Waterloo, then runs to the south where it connects with other trails in the Cedar Rapids Metro area. Eventually, the trail will continue to the south through Johnson County.


This linear park follows a route through the Cedar River bottomlands, along forested banks of the river and across fields where stands of trees are punctuated by open vistas. Cedar Valley Nature Trail (CVNT) is an excellent place to observe wildflowers and abundant wildlife. Deer, woodchucks, wild turkey, and songbirds are among the creatures sighted along the trail. The northern part of the trail (about 25 miles) is a designated Important Bird Area, where various birds have been sighted. The northern stretch of the trail also includes pocket prairies or areas of native remnant prairies. Brush and other invasives have been cut back, and fire has been introduced to help rejuvenate these areas. Historical landmarks, large and small communities, archaeological sites and two restored railroad depots also add character to the trail. CVNT connects to the Cedar Valley Lakes Trail.


The trail is open daily from 4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. The trail is open year round, although no snow removal is performed.