Grant Wood Trail

Trails & Hiking at Grant Wood Trail

Grant Wood Trail
Though not a contiguous 10 mile stretch, it does provide a nice 6+ mile loop from Highway 13 on the west, going east for 3.25 miles and then back to the current trailhead. Short-term plans include creating an underpass under the four-laned Hwy. 13 and connecting with new trails coming east out of Marion, as well as a new connector to the existing trail system at Squaw Creek Park. Popular activities include walking, running, biking (grass & gravel), and nature study.


The Grant Wood Trail is located off of Hwy 13, near the intesection of Hwy 151. Parking is available on a small zone on each end of the western section, which provides for some off-road parking. Some sections of the trail are not complete.


A prehistoric bog can be found in the western section.


4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.