Hoover Nature Trail

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Hoover Nature Trail
The Hoover Nature Trail is an 18 acre trail that connects Cedar Rapids to Ely - a continuation of the Cedar River Trail through Cedar Rapids. The Cedar River Trail also connects to the Cedar Valley Nature Trail to the north, which runs further north into Waterloo. All three trails are part of the American Discovery Trail that runs 6,800 miles coast-to-coast across the United States. The trail is popular for walking.


The Hoover Nature Trail is located near 76th Ave SW Dr and Spanish Rd in Cedar Rapids.


The Hoover Nature Trail is envisioned to extend from Cedar Rapids to Muscatine and Burlington. Several disconnected segments are completed and may either be paved and heavily used or surfaced with a grass-limestone mixture that is more suitable to walking and mountain biking. In West Branch the trail is located a few blocks northeast of the Hoover Presidential Library and extends three miles to Oasis. In Cedar Rapids the trail is now linked to Ely. South of Columbus Junction the trail hugs the base of bluffs along Iowa River and provides access to Chinkapin Bluffs County Park.The most rural and roughest section of the trail extends north from the town of Conesville towards Nichols and West Liberty, and from Conesville to Cone Lake. In Morning Sun the trail is on the east side of town, and in Burlington a segment of the trail can be reached from Y-Camp Road. The trail runs parallel to, or crosses, many creeks and lakes, adding an abundance of wildlife to the scenery. East of Conesville, the trail accesses scenic Cone Lake along the Iowa River.


4 a.m. to 10:30 p.m.