Reservation Process Updated at Marion County Park

Posted:3/26/2019 Marion / Marion County Park

The Reservation Process at Marion County Park has been updated to a "Hold-Lock" process. This system will only allow one customer to have a facility for a particular date in their shopping cart. Previously, several customers could have a campsite in each of their respective shopping carts with the same dates at the same time, whichever customer clicked the "Submit Payment" box first, would reserve the campsite. This "racehorse" process could lead to possible double bookings of a campsite on the same dates if two customers submitted payment at roughly the same instance.

With the new system, if a customer has a campsite for a particular set of dates in their cart and a second customer tries to place that same campsite in their respective cart with the same dates, a prompt will alert the second customer that: "Some date(s) are no longer available. Please review the calendar". The second customer would need to select a different campsite or different dates.

Also with the new system, once a facility has been placed in the shopping cart, a customer will have 12 minutes to complete the reservation and submit payment. A countdown clock will be displayed on each of the checkout pages, highlighted in Red font. If a customer places a second facility in their shopping cart, the countdown clock will reset to 12 minutes and each subsequent facility placed in their cart will reset the 12 minute clock. If the countdown clock reaches zero, a pop-up box will open, asking if additional time is needed; if Yes is clicked, the clock will reset to 12 minutes. If the clock reaches zero and no additional time is requested; then, the facility(s) in the shopping cart will be automatically deleted and returned to an available to reserve status.