Campgrounds Closing for 2018 Season

Posted:10/15/2018 Sioux

Campgrounds Closing for 2018 Season

It is that time of year again when we need to start thinking about closing down our campgrounds. We will be closing down the campgrounds by the following dates:

Big Sioux Recreation Area Campgrounds will close: October 22

Sandy Hollow Recreation Area Campground will close: October 22

Oak Grove Park Deer Run Campground will close October 22 

Oak Grove Turkey Ridge Campground will remain open until around October 31, then restrooms will be closed. 

With the parks closing it means winter weather is around the corner, however there is still time to enjoy the county parks. Our parks remain open throughout the year for those that wish to go hunting at specific areas or enjoy a nice afternoon exploring and hiking the fall/winter landscapes. Ice fishing is popular at our major ponds once a good layer of ice has formed on them.