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Oak Grove & Big Sioux Park


Can I reserve a campsite?

Yes- select sites at the Big Sioux Rec. Area, Oak Grove/Big Sioux Park, and Sandy Hollow Rec. Area offer online reservations for camping.

Sites that are not available for online reservation are available on a first come first served basis. You may place a camping unit, tent, or vehicle on the site to reserve a sites. Site must be paid for a registered upon placing vehicle, tent, or camping unit on the site for it to be considered taken.

Can both a trailer and fold down occupy the same site?

No- only one camping trailer allowed per site.

Am I allowed more than one tent on a site?

You may have a tent for children under age of 18 to sleep in on the same site of a tent or camper.  Or you may place a second tent on the same site; however second tent must be registered and paid for.  We only allow one camper trailer per site.

Do my visitors need to leave at 10:30pm even if they are visiting us at our campsite or cabin?

All visitors are asked to leave the park prior to closing time at 10:30 pm

General Questions

What are your park hours?

Oak Grove/Big Sioux Park hours are: 7 am to 10:30 pm

How do we contact a ranger?

If there is an emergency dial 9-1-1; the emergency services dispatch will notify ranger on duty.  Otherwise you may contact our main office at 712-552-1047

What is the entrance fee for Oak Grove Big Sioux Park?

There is no entrance fee for the Oak Grove Big Sioux Park or any other parks managed by the Sioux county Conservation Board, with the exception of the Big Sioux Recreation Area and Sandy Hollow Recreation Area.


Can I leave my trailer and vehicle parked at Oak Grove’s boat ramp if fishing overnight?

You may park your vehicle out of the way at the parking are by the boat ramp, however if you plan on being out past 10:30 pm for fishing or river use, you must register your vehicle and trailer.  Questions please contact ranger on duty, or the main office at 712-552-1047.

Reserving a Facility

Are pets allowed in the cabins?

We do allow pets to come with you for your stay in our cabins however, all pets must be kept in pet carrier if inside the cabin, or on a leash no longer then 6 foot outdoors with you.

When do you start taking cabin and shelter rentals?

All reservable facilities are available for reservations 2 years from today's date online.

What is check in and out time for the cabins at Oak Grove?

You may check in to your cabin after 3:00pm.
Check out time is noon.
If other arrangements for checking in or out are needed please ask when making reservations or make arrangements with officer on duty, or call the main office at 712-552-1047

What time and where do I get the key for the shelter I rented?

When making your online reservation you will be asked to provide a lock code for your reservation. This code will be added into the lock box located in its designated area. Oak Grove Lodge and Big Sioux Shelter is located near entry door. Sandy Hollow Lodge and Alton Roadside Park box is located near the front door. It is your responsibility to replace key upon leaving the park.

Sioux County Conservation Board is not responsible for anything brought into the shelter or placed outside of shelter.  If you need to make special arrangements please contact on duty officer, or call the main office at 712-552-1047.

How far in advance do I have to make cabin reservations?

Reservations for cabins are available up to 2 years from today's date online reservations only.

What are the hours that I may reserve lodges and shelters?

Our shelters and lodges are available from 7 am to 10:30 pm. 

No overnight rentals are allowed.


Are pets allowed at the campground?

Pets are allowed however must be leashed, not to exceed 6 foot in length.  May not be hitched, tied, or attached in any way to trees, shrubs or other natural attraction, or structures provided by the conservation board.