Hickory Grove Park

Swimming at Hickory Grove Park

Hickory Grove Park is the largest and most popular of the conservation board's parks. This 445-acre multiple-use recreational area southwest of Colo offers camping, swimming, fishing, hunting, an archery range, playground, trails, and much more. 

Swimming is allowed in the designated swimming area only.  Swim at your own risk - no lifeguard is on duty.  Children must be supervised at all times.

Swimming Beach Rules and Regulations. 

A.     Users of the beach facility at are subject to the following rules and regulations. 

   1.)  The beach area is closed and swimming is prohibited from sunset to sunrise. 

         2.)  Swimming is allowed inside the roped area only when the beach is open.

   3.) Certified divers may be allowed outside of the roped area by permit from the  director or an authorized representative.


  B.   The following are prohibited at the beach area:  

    1.)    Hanging from or attaching people or items to buoys.

    2.)    Using abusive language.

    3.)  Use of alcoholic beverages, liquors, and glass containers.

    4.)  Amplification greater than 75 decibels or using external speakers from the parking lot.

    5.)  Sitting or standing on another’s shoulders or back, throwing people, jumping on top of people.

    6.)  Dunking people.

    7.)  Throwing foreign objects, i.e. rocks, sand.

    8.)  Standing on inflatable beach items in the water.

    9.)  Fishing and boating from the beach or in the beach area.

    10.) Using paddles or oars from inflatable beach items.

    11.) Pets.          


67382 250th Street, Colo, IA  50056


Park hours are 5:00 a.m. - 10:30 p.m. daily. 

Swimming is allowed from sunrise to sunset.


Swimming is prohibited from sunset to sunrise.