Otter Creek Lake Restoration Project

Posted:4/20/2021 Tama

Lake Restoration Project Update at Otter Creek Lake & Park 4/13/2021: Due to safety concerns, plan to close Otter Creek Lake & Park to the general public on October 1, 2021 until further notice. This closure includes; the entire lake, all campgrounds, all public walking trails, all hunting grounds, and the Nature Center at Otter Creek Lake & Park. Please contact our office for questions regarding the Otter Creek Lake Restoration Project or the closure of Otter Creek Lake & Park by phone at: 641-484-2231.

Click Here! To view and download the Public Information Sheet that was provided during the Public Meeting held on 4/13/2021 via Zoom.

Click Here! To view the 2015 Otter Creek Watershed Plan.

Click Here! To view the map of the improvements that will be made to Otter Creek Lake during the Lake Restoration Project. 

Click Here! To view the map of the overall watershed improvements for the Lake Restoration Project.