Emerald Ash Borer and YOU!

Posted:5/19/2015 Tama

Emerald Ash Borer and YOU. What should you be doing when you visit your local park? Buy local, burn local!

OK, Emerald Ash Borer has arrived in Iowa. Also referred to as EAB it promises to have a disturbingly wide spread impact in our state. This pest has been wrecking havoc over the upper midwest for a number of years but has only in recent years popped up in Iowa. It is anticipated that over time many of the ash trees in Iowa will be killed by EAB. This will have a significant effect in our towns and parks.

Do your part to slow the spread of this pest.  Transport of firewood is of great concern as it will move the pest rapidly through the state. Please do your part by buying firewood locally and burning it locally. Do not carry firewood from one county to another.

When you visit Otter Creek Lake and Park we ask that only firewood harvested in Tama County be brought into and burned in the park. Buy local, burn local.

Also, if you are bringing firewood with you to the park it must be labeled with a receipt. The receipt must state it is for firewood, approximated amount being carried, name and address of the harvester, price, and county and state of harvest. Please buy local, and burn local.

Finally, at Otter Creek Lake and Park we have lots of dead trees down on the ground from the wind storm of July, 2011. At the park you may cut up firewood from any tree dead and down on the ground for use to burn at the park only. You cannot take any firewood cut at the park home with you.

Have a fun and safe summer season and always remember to buy local, and burn local. Do not bring firewood from another county or part of the state.