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Environmental Educator/ Naturalist

Posted 12/07/2022
County O'Brien
Location Peterson ,Iowa
Salary $38,000- 46,000 plus county benefits


This position includes educational programming, display construction, front line customer service, some general office work, and greeting and tour assistance for the O’Brien County Conservation Board. The naturalist will oversee and expand upon a well-established environmental education program and will be responsible for writing and administering grants, promoting the Prairie Heritage Center, and planning and executing events. 


- Environmental Education Programming ?

-Plan, schedule and implement environmental education operations for schools, public programming and civic organizations ?

-Plan, prepare and implement displays at the Prairie Heritage Center ?

-Organize and carry out speakers and special events ? Coordinate with the director on future plans for the Prairie Heritage Center and its displays - Publicity ?

-Provide press releases and handle interviews for radio, TV and newspapers ?

-Design and create brochures and other documents for press or publicity ?

-Write and publish quarterly Little Sioux Wanderings newsletter ?

-Write and administer grants ? Assist with public calls ?

-Serve as O’Brien County Conservation Board liaison on boards and committees

- other duties as assigned.


-Associate’s Degree in environmental education, interpretation, outdoor recreations, ecology or related biological science degree
- At least one year of experience in development and presentation of environmental or interpretive programing.

To Apply
Send resume, cover letter and 3 references to: Director, O'Brien County Conservation Board, 4931 Yellow Avenue, Peterson, IA 51047.
or by email:

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