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Iowa Roadside Vegetation Tech

Posted 07/29/2022
County Dickinson
Location Milford ,Iowa
Salary $43,000 - 45,000 with county benefits



The general implementation of activities associated with all aspects of vegetation management within county secondary road right-of-ways (ROWS).  Work activities focus on the continued maintenance and development of safe travel corridors for vehicles, biological management of desired vegetation types along those ROWS


1.      It is the primary responsibility of the Dickinson County IRVM program to perform the following duties on the East side of the county to Highway 71 an annual basis.          

a.       Perform control of noxious weeds on the designated area of the county.  Decisions as beginning and ending of spraying/removal, prescribed fire determination and implementation, and preservation of native plant communities within the county rights of ways will be performed on an annual work basis.

b.      The Roadside full time employees will conduct all spraying activities.  This will include both herbicide applications of noxious weeds, invasive plants, and foliar brush spraying.  The seasonal staff will be responsible for applying Tordon RTU to cut stumps.  The use of Tordon will still be over seen by the IRVM.

c.       Will document daily spray records for both brush and noxious weeds?  Records of chemical purchased for the fiscal year.  It will also give a yearly report to the County Conservation Director and Supervisors of chemical usage and how much progress was made in the county on vegetation management. 


  2.        The second responsibility to develop a map and prioritize planting on the west half of the county to spray and plant 3% of the ROWS, including cleanouts.  This will include the management of these ROWS in the following years including mowing and prescribed fire. 

a.       This includes site preparation needed to ensure proper planting conditions, which include walking the site for hazards.

b.      Oats, annual rye and winter wheat may be used as cover crops if necessary to hold the soil in place.

c.       Wil use several methods of seeding, hydro-seeding, drilling, broadcast seeding, and hand seeding


3.      The third responsibility is removing of brush in the ROWS; these duties would be when the wind is too high for spraying and unable to do management practices on other ROWS. 

a.       All tree/brush cutting will be performed and overseen by the IRVM.  If a tree, or trees, is too large to safety remove them, and then it will be the engineer’s responsibility to remove them with larger equipment.

4.      Make minor repairs on equipment and facilities not requiring a trained professional repairperson.

5.      Maintain efficient and effective maintenance records for all ROW department managed equipment and facilities.

6.      Compile monthly and annual work activity reports for tasks completed.

7.      Inform supervisor of situations needing attention in regards to: ROW/ managed area safety, equipment problems/safety and other potential risk situations.

8.      Development and presentation of educational materials related to ROWs.

9.      Production, harvest and processing of warm season native prairie plant seeds for use in ROWS.

10.      Assist with continued inventory and data collection for prairie remnants, noxious weed areas and woody vegetation encroachment sites. 11.      Train part time and seasonal staff on plant Identification and management practices as needed.

12.      Performs grant writing for equipment and management projects for ROWS.     The primary and secondary duties and responsibilities are not to be construed as a complete statement of all duties performed. Employee will be required to perform other job related duties as required.

Bachelor’s Degree in wildlife, forestry, agricultural or other applicable filed and at least 2 years of natural resource field experience.
A valid Iowa Department of Agricultural Pesticide Applicators Certification.
Minimum wildland fire training

To Apply
Submit cover letter, resume with 3 references, and County Application form to: Lee Sorenson, Executive Director, Dickinson County Conservation 22785 Nature Center Rd, Okoboji, IA 51355; email

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