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Naturalist-Resource Manager

Posted 01/28/2019
County Worth
Location Northwood ,Iowa
Salary $37,000 per year
Deadline 02/22/2019


NATURALIST-RESOURCE MANAGER DUTIES   The following is a list of general duties to be performed by the Naturalist-Resource manager while employed by the Worth County Conservation Board. This list of duties is not complete and shall not impede other duties ordered by the Director, Naturalist, Maintenance Supervisor, or the Board. The Naturalist-Resource Manager is to perform these duties to the best of his/her abilities without direct supervision and in an expedient and professional manner.  

1. Provide a quality environmental education program for the residents of the Worth County regardless of age. Develop, plan and make available to the public educational programs that are presented in a safe and professional manner.    

2.  Work with the schools to continue developing the vertical curriculum that is in place. Develop an electronic data base for the curriculum to provide easy access to the materials and stability for the program in the advent of personnel turnover. (The curriculum should never be considered completed, but always in need of constant improvement.)    

3.  Will write a newsletter to provide the public with information on current events and issues dealt with by the Board and to be published by methods approved by the Board or Director.    

4.  Use the media to promote the environmental education program at every opportunity and keep the public involved in the program.    

5.  Plan for and acquire additional training in the environmental education field. As the program grows the person in charge must also grow both educationally and professionally.    

6.  Equipment is to be maintained in good working order and stored in a manner to protect it. All equipment will be cleaned and cared for before storage. If an item of value ($100 or more) is damaged, a report is to be given to the Director as soon as possible describing the damage and how it occurred. All equipment should have a designated storage area and be kept in that area when not in use (not left lying in the shop or office.) Borrowed equipment should be returned promptly and in the same condition or better than when borrowed.    

7.  The entire environmental education program should be continually improved and up graded. There is no program that is perfect and the needs of the public and the Board are in a constant state of flux.  

8.  At all times the image of the Board (the Naturalist must be aware he/she is the most visible representative of the Board and represents the Board by his/her actions) and the safety of the public is to considered when planning and presenting programs.

9.  Will help manage and maintain all park and wildlife areas controlled by the Board.

10.  Will assist other employees with equipment maintenance and construction work or perform other tasks

11.  The workweek is non-typical, but generally 40 hours per week, occasionally up to 60 to 70 hours per week as needed.

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree in Conservation, Biology, Forestry or Environmental Studies with at least 2 years of relative experience resource management, equipment operation and maintenance, and interpretive programming. Must be able to acquir

To Apply
Must submit a resume and a standard Worth County Job application which is available at the Worth County Conservation Board, 503 1st Ave N, Northwood, IA 50459 or at the Auditor’s office in the courthouse. Or on line at (

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