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Financial Data Manager

Posted 11/29/2018
County Story
Location Ames ,Iowa
Salary $46,529.60 - $49,379.20
Deadline 12/11/2018


Summary Description

Performs intermediate administrative work performs various accounting and fiscal support functions on behalf of the department and staff including preparing and maintaining budgets and invoices, accounts payable and receivable files, payroll and benefits information and potential client accounts, compiles and facilitates various department and program budgets, cost reports; files any requested or required financial data within the county, and related work as apparent or assigned. Work is performed under the limited supervision of the department director. May provide oversight to department clerical staff.

Job Duties/Responsibilities

Receives, processes and analyzes financial information. Maintains and reconciles the general ledger and applicable accounting systems including applicable schedules and journal entries. Maintains the chart of accounts and generation of interim financial reports. Maintains the maintenance schedule of capital assets. Coordinates any requested or required local, state or federal reporting. Develops and facilitates the department and/or program budgets for director review. Receives and responds to customer or staff requests. Develops and maintains financial records, reports and files. May prepare for and attend board meetings. May act as the department human resources assistant; acts as a liaison between department staff and human resources administration. May act as the account holder for clients; supervises daily activities of client accounts department and approves fee adjustments, write-offs, and other special client payment arrangements, in consultation with the director. Provides back up for other office personnel. Serves as the liaison between administrative finance and department staff or clients.

Bachelor's degree with coursework in accounting, or related field and considerable experience in a similar position, or equivalent combination of education and experience.

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