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Executive Director

Posted 12/01/2020
County Madison
Location Winterset ,Iowa
Salary $65,000 to $75,000
Deadline 12/31/2020

  • Department:    Madison County Conservation Board  
  • Proposed Start Date:  3/1/21
  • FLSA Status:  Exempt  

SUMMARY: The Executive Director is an administrative position, overseeing the operations of the County conservation department including planning, preparing, managing, and promoting all aspects of Madison County Conservation Board operations.    This position will require a highly professional and energetic administrator that is ready to lead a Conservation Board in one of the fastest growing rural Counties in Iowa. Rapid economic development expansion, as a result of being adjacent to the vibrant Des Moines Metropolitan Area, plays an important role in developing wise decisions concerning the expansion of conservation programs and park facilities and tempered with the protection of critical natural resources in one of the most diverse resource-rich environments in south-central Iowa.  

HOW TO APPLY: No “on-line” applications accepted. All applicants must submit their completed application, cover letter and resume (with professional references) to: Madison County Conservation Board, PO Box 129, Winterset, IA  50273. All applications must be post marked by December 31, 2020. Click on "Link" box above to download full application packet.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: The position of Madison County Conservation Board Executive Director (to be referred to as Director) requires a good understanding of systems and methods applicable to natural resource, park and recreation management, environmental & interpretive education, and administrative practices for accomplishing the requirements in parks and conservation areas. Knowledge of up-to-date trends, procedures and philosophies in governmental and alternative financing, outdoor recreation, design and development of park facilities, preservation and rehabilitation of natural resource areas, national, state, and local programs affecting natural resources and human use of park resources and sanitary/health and safety standards. The ability to analyze work problems effectively and supply good sound judgment to their solution. The capacity to apply these abilities and knowledge to resolving problems in Board operations.          

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university, in a natural resource related  field with major course work in natural resource management, interpretation, outdoor recreation management, and public park administration.           
  • Previous field experience in natural resource management, outdoor recreation/public parks management, and educational programming.
  • A minimum of three to five years of experience  in a head administrative position in natural resource and public parks management which includes experience in working with local government and staff management.           
  • Extensive knowledge of public and private grant programs with a history of successful grant writing.
  • Experience with public administration and coordination with other conservation agencies. (Iowa DNR, NRCS, Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation, US Fish and Wildlife Service etc.)         
  • Knowledge of local government administration (How Iowa county government operates)           
  • A strong public relations background and a proven ability to effectively communicate in written, oral, and electronic platforms.         
  • Extensive experience in budgeting and familiarity with local government financing.         
  • Experience with Staff management and employment practices.         
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license.   

Salary & Benefits: The Director will be paid on a yearly salary basis. Salary range of $65,000 - $75,000/ year. Benefits include health, dental, optical, life insurance, and IPERS. A vehicle is provided for work related transportation.  

Residency: The Director’s job responsibilities are such that he/she will be required to retain permanent residence within Madison County.  

Responsibilities & Demands: The Director will be responsible for carrying out the policies of the Madison County Conservation Board (to be referred to as Board) and to see that all management directives and objectives, as determined by the Board, are accomplished. Research and recommend proposals to assist the Board in formulating policies and objectives to promote a professional and comprehensive County Natural Resource/Park and Recreation/Environmental Education program. Specific job responsibilities include:  

A. Primary Responsibilities:     

  • Upon approval by the Board of such positions, recruit, hire, train, supervise, recommend compensation, and evaluate full and part-time staff personnel         
  • Prepare annual operating budgets         
  • Researches, prepares, and write grant applications         
  • Designated purchasing agent of Board         
  • Prepare annual report         
  • Research and recommend long-term comprehensive plans         
  • Prepare and provide materials/documents/reports for monthly Board meetings         
  • Design and/or oversee recreational and park management planning         
  • Design and/or oversee educational/interpretive planning and programming
  • Design and/or oversee conservation management practices and habitat development
  • Demonstrate successful project management skills
  • Conduct preliminary property transactions and contract negotiations
  • Public relations/public spokesperson for Board (both oral and written)
  • Supervise daily and seasonal program operations
  • Develop and apply policies and procedures under Board and code guidelines

B. Secondary Responsibilities:

  • Assist staff with field work and park development and maintenance as needed
  • Perform other work as required  

C. Physical Demands:

  • Must be in adequate physical condition to perform the requirements of the position
  • Proficient with computer and general office equipment operation as well as digital and online resources.
  • Operation of motor vehicle, trailers, tractor, power boat, small machinery, hand tools
  • Be able to lift and carry up to 50 pounds
  • A “Job Analysis” concerning physical/environmental demands is an official attachment to this job description/position policy.  

D. Cognitive Demands:

  • Advanced knowledge of natural resource and park/recreation principals and standards
  • Excellent writing and speaking skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Excellent organizational and motivational skills
  • Good accounting skills  

E. Work Environment:

  • Approximately 90% time spent in normal office environment. Requires some weekend and evening hours, utilizing usual office equipment and written & electronic text resources
  • Approximately 10% time spent in outdoor environments associated with typical seasonal conditions found in the upper Midwest region     
  • Occasionally requires traversing of diverse terrain and geography
  • Occasionally will be in contact with typical Midwest outdoor health conditions such as, but not limited to, pollens and certain plant, insect, and animal toxins.  

Professional Development: The Director will be required to attend professional seminars that will provide useful continuing education curriculum (credits not required) relating to natural resources and public administration.

1. Some requirements may be subject to possible modification to reasonably accommodate individual with disabilities.

2. Some requirements may exclude individuals who pose a threat or significant risk to the health and safety of themselves or others.  

3. This job description in no way states or implies that the description includes every duty to be performed by the employee occupying the Director position. Employee will be required to follow any job-related instructions and to perform any other job-related duties requested by the Board.

Qualifications are listed with full job description. Click on "More Info. Link" below for full application packet and other job description information.

To Apply
Submit fully completed application, cover letter and resume (with professional references) to: Madison County Conservation Board, PO Box 129, Winterset, IA 50273. Click on link below for full application packet. No on-line applications accepted.

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