Gifts, Donations & Volunteers

Ever since the Black Hawk County Conservation Board was created in 1956, the BHCCB has worked closely with volunteers to acquire open space, develop facilities and provide educational and recreational programs. The following is a partial list of ways you can support your county parks:

Volunteering - If you wish to volunteer your time, please review the following options:
To volunteer at Hartman Reserve Nature Center, call 319-277-2187 or email
To serve as a campground host at one of the campgrounds, call 319-433-7275 or email
To volunteer for a special project, call 319-433-7275 or email

Gifts & Donations - If you are interested in making a charitable contribution, please explore the following opportunities:
To support the educational programs at Hartman Reserve Nature Center - call 319-277-2187 or email
If you wish to discuss the donation of land or equipment, call 319-433-7275 or email

Planned Giving for Conservation - An endowment fund has been established at the Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa to provide a long term reliable funding source for Black Hawk County Conservation now, and forever! Because the fund is a permanent endowment fund, your gift may be eligible for a 25% state tax credit. To learn more or donate today, click here.

Cash or Credit Card Donation - If you wish to make a cash donation to the Black Hawk County Conservation Board, please click on Donate Now at the bottom of the page and follow the directions or call 319-433-7275 to discuss your options.

NOTE: When you choose "donate now", this donation goes to support Black Hawk County Conservation.

Thank You!

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