Pound Pits Wildlife Area

The Pound Pits Wildlife Area is a 155 acre wildlife management area.  There is a great deal of diversity on this area, including timber/brush, wetlands, gravel pits, prairie seedings, and crop ground.   The area is open to public hunting providing opportunity for pheasant, waterfowl, deer, furbearer, and small game hunting.  The gravel pits also provides for some fishing. Buttrick Creek runs through the middle of the area.



It is unlawful to target practice, trapshoot or practice shooting by any other method in all county recreation areas (includes Pounds Pits)

subject to fine


Pounds Pits is located three miles north of Grand Junction on Highway 144.


  • 155 acre wildlife management area.
  • Open to public hunting.  Hunting opportunity for pheasants, waterfowl, small game, furbearers, and deer.
  • Fishing.  5 gravel pits offer variety of fishing.

Operating Hours & Seasons

Pound Pits is open all year and 24 hours a day.


Closed due to road damage