Native Plant Sale

Posted:2/7/2018 Jackson

Prairie plants are finding their way back into Iowa’s landscapes, not only on public lands, but also in private gardens and yards. Native plants are a great choice for your yard or garden projects for many reasons.

  • Native flowers and grasses are well adapted to the local climate, and can better withstand the severe drought, flooding and temperatures of Iowa.
  • Native plants require little to no fertilizers.
  • Native plants are resistant to local diseases, insects, and other pests, as well as provide habitat and food for local wildlife, including our insect pollinators!

Finding native plants to include in your yard is not always easy, but definitely worth the extra effort it takes to locate them. Many of the plants found at local ‘big box’ stores are not native and will not provide the long lasting benefits of prairie plants that have spent thousands of years adapting to Iowa’s climate and soils.

Friends of Jackson County Conservation is holding a native prairie plant and seed sale this spring to help people obtain native species.

Live Plants for sale include:

  • butterfly milkweed
  • meadow blazing star
  • anise hyssop
  • nodding onion

Seed packets for sale include:

  • common milkweed
  • mountain mint
  • wild bergamot
  • wild garlic
  • heath aster
  • purple coneflower
  • smooth blue aster
  • prairie dropseed (grass)
  • Indian grass

Costs range from $2.50-$3.50 for live plants and $2.00-$3.00 for seed packets.

To order, pick up an order form at the Hurstville Interpretive Center or download the form below.

Photos and details about plants can be found below. 

Drop off order form and payment at the Hurstville Interpretive Center or mail to 18670 63rd St Maquoketa, IA 52060.  Payment is due at the time you order. 

Order deadline is Tuesday, March 27 at 4:00 PM for Seed Packets. Live plants are while supplies last.

Seed packets will be ready for pickup on/after Wednesday, April 11.

Live plants will be ready for pickup sometime in May. We will contact everyone two weeks prior with exact dates.


For more information call (563) 652-3783