Native Wildflowers—Fall Seed Sale

Posted:8/27/2018 Jackson

Native Wildflowers—Seed Sale

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Native wildflowers are a great addition to our gardens and landscape because they are well adapted to the local climate, can better withstand drought, flooding and temperatures of Iowa, require little to no fertilizers, as well as provide habitat and food for local wildlife.  

Friends of Jackson County Conservation holds seed and live plant sales each year to help people obtain native species.

The plant species on our fall seed sale list are ones that will do well with a frost seeding. Orders are due by October 1st and seed packets will be available for pickup by October 24th, in time for seeding in November and December.    

Seed packets for sale this fall include: heart-leaved aster, sweet cicely, columbine, poke milkweed, wild geranium, Virginia bluebell, pale purple coneflower, Ohio spiderwort, New England aster and rose milkweed. All seed packets are $3.00 each.

These seed packets are meant for plantings in your yard or garden. If you are wanting to plant a larger scale area with native seed, contact our office for information on ordering seed in bulk.

For more information call (563) 652-3783.