September Board Meeting 2018

Posted:9/6/2018 Jackson


The Jackson County Conservation Board will meet in regular monthly session on Thursday, September 20th, 2018 at the Kathi Atkinson residence 101 Bank St, Sabula  IA.    

 The meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:00 PM with a tour of South Sabula Lake Park, with the meeting to be held immediately after the park tour at the Atkinson home.   

 The meeting is open to the public and a tentative agenda is as follows.   

1.  Meet at South Sabula Lake Park – 6:00 PM (Campground Tour)  

2.   Call to Order – Kathi Atkinson residence, 101 Bank St.  Sabula.   (7:00 PM approximately)  

3.  Approval of the Agenda  

4.  Approval of the Minutes – August 21st,  2018 board meeting  

5.  Review and approve quote on pedestrian bridge – Prairie Creek Recreation Area     

6.  Review and approve bids on bank stabilization – Bear River Recreation Trail  

7.  Review and approve quote on phone system – Hurstville Interpretive Center.  

8.  Park Management Update               

A. Set policy and fee schedule for winter boat dock storage – Spruce Creek harbor.               

B.  Update on shower building replacement – Spruce Creek Park               

C.  Update on Hurstville Trail project               

D.  Approve information kiosk construction – Prairie Creek pavilion.               

E.  Approve Special Use Permits  

9.  Other Business               

A. Approve quote on LCD projector purchase                B.  Approve quote on interpretive signage – Hurstville Marsh and Lime Kilns

C.  October Board meeting  

10.  Visitor Input/Board member discussion  

11.  Bills

12.  Adjourn