Liberty Lake

Ringgold County Conservation is excited to announce that on September 1st, 2018 they acquired a new property previously known as the Mount Ayr Reservoir or nicknamed the “Old Lake” from the City of Mount Ayr. This 40 acre park boasts a 12.5 acre lake and shelter house with a lot of open space for new development.  

The area formerly known as the Mount Ayr Reservoir (nicknamed the Old Lake) has a new name! Liberty Lake will be added to our websites and brochures to promote tourism and outdoor recreation. Ringgold County Conservation is excited to move forward with plans for developing the area! Stay tuned as we will continue to post updates on development as we progress with this project! Our long term plans for the area include cabins, shower house, lodge and more! These larger components will be accomplished with grants and donations. This will not happen overnight. All development is based on funding, so we appreciate your understanding and patience as we begin this process. We are excited to tackle this project and to be able to develop such a wonderful asset for the communities of Ringgold County.


0.5 miles north of Mount Ayr, Iowa. 


  • 12.5 Acre Lake
  • Open Shelter House
  • Boating (no speed boats or jet skis)
  • Fishing
  • Hiking 
  • Picnic Areas