Lekwa Access

Canoeing & Kayaking at Lekwa Access

Lekwa Access is part of the Skunk River Water Trail.   The water trail offers approximately 34 miles from Story City Park (below the dam in Story City) to C.J. Shreck Access (South of Cambridge).

Skunk River Water Trail Access Points (listed from north to south):

Story City Park #246 ** Not owned or managed by Story County Conservation

Broad Street, Story City, 50248

Lekwa Access #242

56156 130th Street, Story City, 50248 (0.25 miles east of 560th on E-18)

Anderson Access #239

56743 150th Street, Story City, 50248 (0.1 miles west of Pleasant Valley Road on 150th Street)

Soper’s Mill Access #235

56364 170th Street, Ames, 50010 (Intersection of 170th and 563rd)

Peterson Park Access #233

17952 Templeton Road, Ames, 50010 (1.5 miles east of Highway 69 on 180th)

Sleepy Hollow Access #230

646 W. Riverside Road, Ames, 50010 (Intersection of Riverside Road and Highway 69)

River Valley Park Access #227  ** Not owned or managed by Story County Conservation

725 East 13th Street, Ames, 50010

South 16th Street #224 ** Not owned or managed by Story County Conservation


265th Street Access #220

56091 265th Street, Ames, 50010 (Near 560th Avenue)

Askew Bridge Access #217

57887 290th Street, Cambridge, 50046 (Intersection of 580th Avenue (R70) and 290th Street)

C.J. Shreck Access #212

59627 Highway 210, Cambridge, 50046 (South of Cambridge on Highway 210; north side of road)


For up-to-date information on water levels, view the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer's website: River Gauges


Best float periods:

· April-July

· September-October

· When river is high


· Log jams are usual between Story City and Soper’s Mill

· There is a major log jam 0.5 miles below the Anderson Access which must be portaged

· Sharp turns and other obstacles are present in many sections

· Dam above Sleep Hollow/Riverside Road; portage on river right

· Dam at River Valley Park must be  portaged  


Water Trail - South Skunk River