Heritage Campground & Pond

Heritage Campground & Pond is a 16-acre area is at the eastern trailhead of the Heritage Trail just off Hwy 52 near Sageville, Iowa. The campground includes access to the Heritage Pond which is a 9 acre pond that supports an active fish population and cold water trout. The pond provides an area to leisurely kayak as well. This campground also connects to the City of Dubuque bike trails providing easy access to the downtown Dubuque areas. Campsites provide water and electricity. 



Heritage Campground and Pond are located 3 miles north of Dubuque on US 52 at Rupp Hollow Road.
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Heritage Campground & Pond

11330 Rupp Hollow Road

Dubuque Iowa 52001

PHONE:  (563) 556-6745


There currently are no shower houses located on site. A pit latrine is located a short distance away closer to the Heritage Pond. 

Operating Hours & Seasons

The Heritage Campground & Pond is open year around, the operation hours are 6:30 am until 10:30 pm. Water outlets to individual campsites will be shut off approximately November through March each season.  Fishing, hiking, and birdwatching are great activities during all seasons at Heritage Pond.