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Roberts Creek Park

Camping Camping at Roberts Creek Park

Roberts Creek Park has two separate campgrounds. Roberts Creek West Campground and Roberts Creek East Campground.

Roberts Creek West Campground has 84 camping sites. The West Campground also contains a modern shower building, two additional flush restrooms, playground area, parking areas for extra vehicles or boats and has a campground host on site.

Sites #1 - #7 are grass sites with 30 Amp electric service provided, each site has a picnic table, sites #2,#4,#5, #6 and #7 have a fire ring, a water hydrant is located across road from site #1. Sites #8 - #36 are concrete pads with 30 Amp electric service provided, each site has a picnic table and fire ring, water hydrants are conveniently located to fill water tanks, but no continuous hookups are allowed. Sites #37 - #39 are rock pads with 30 Amp electric service provided, each site has a picnic table and fire ring. Sites #40 - #58 and #61 - #81 are rock pads with full hookups, 50 Amp electric service, water hookup and sewer, each site has a picnic table and fire ring. Sites #59 & #60 are rock pads with 50 Amp electric service and water hookup, each site has a picnic table and fire ring. Sites #A - #C are grass sites for non-electric tent camping, each site has a picnic table and fire ring. Shade on all campsites varies from moderate to fully shaded. 

Electric Campsites #1 - #7, #24 - #39, #51 - #81 are Reservable sites. Non-electric sites A-C, and electric sites #10 - #23 and #40 - #50 are Non-reservable, available on a first-come first-serve basis.

Roberts Creek East Campground 
The original 50 East Campground campsites are currently being renovated. Upon completion of the project, there will be 28 full service campsites. A new campground loop containing 27 full service campsites was opened in August of 2019, these sites are currently available to reserve. The East Campground also contains a modern shower building, sanitary trailer dump station, one additional flush restroom, playground area, parking area for extra vehicles or boats and has a campground host on site.

Campsites #1 - 50 are currently being renovated to 28 full service campsites, completion date is unknown at this time, updates will be posted as news items on the website.

The East Campground New Loop was completed and opened in August 2019. Campsites #A - ZZ are rock pads with 50 Amp electric, Water and Sewer service. Each campsite has a fire ring and picnic table. Shade on campsites varies from to limited to no shade.

Campsites #A through #ZZ are Reservable and campsites and are available to reserve for the 2020 camping season.

For campsite listing. Click on:   Reservable Campsite Listing

Check the individual campsite Availability Calendar or search available campsites for your desired reservation time frame.

Roberts Creek West Campground Map

Roberts Creek East Campground New Loop Map is posted with the campsite description

    * All RULES & REGULATIONS of the Marion County Conservation Board are in effect
    * All laws of the State of Iowa are in effect
    * Keg Beer is prohibited

Canoeing & Kayaking Canoeing & Kayaking at Roberts Creek Park
 Roberts Creek Lake is a 300 acre impoundment of adjacent Red Rock Lake, but there is no direct waterway link between Roberts Creek Lake and Red Rock Lake. Roberts Creek Lake makes for good canoe, kayak and paddle boarding due to the length, 1.5 miles, and the relative narrow width, average of 1/4 mile, that keeps the water relatively protected from most wind directions, along with several small bays that add up to approximately 5 miles of shore line to explore. The lake has a "No Wake" restriction for power boats that also creates a safer paddling experience and is easily accessible for paddling boats from the East Boat Ramp. 
Fishing Fishing at Roberts Creek Park

 300 acre Roberts Creek Lake offers good fishing opportunities all year round whether fishing from a boat, from shore or through the ice when conditions are suitable. Two boat ramps allow easy access to launch, all boat motors are allowed, but a “No Wake” restriction is enforced. Predominately, fisherman are targeting Black/White Crappie during the open water season and through the ice in winter, but Largemouth Bass and Bluegill are also abundant and sought after by anglers. During the open water season, those seeking to catch Catfish will find good success also. Lake Red Rock, a 15,000 acre Army Corp reservoir adjacent to Roberts Creek Park, offers an additional opportunity for Crappie, Catfish and Largemouth Bass; along with, Walleye and White Bass.


Roberts Creek Park Map

Hunting Hunting at Roberts Creek Park

 The 500 acres of public hunting available at Roberts Creek Park are located in two separate parts of the park, 420 acres are located on the north side of the park adjacent on both sides of Dubuque Drive and 80 acres are located in the southeast portion of the park at the junction of Fillmore Drive and Hwy G28. Both areas consist of open grassland areas surrounded by oak/hickory timbers. Game animals that inhabit these areas include White Tailed Deer, Turkey, Pheasants, Squirrel, Rabbit along with other fur bearing animals. Click on the Roberts Creek Park Map link below to see the public hunting boundaries and locations.

Roberts Creek Park Map