Nature Trail along side of Marsh

Posted:12/21/2017 Audubon

A new nature trail is in progress! This trail will in hopes be finished come this next spring!  The trail will include a wide variety of new opportunities for all viewers!  It will rap all the way around the Audubon County Conservation Boards east side of Littlefield Recreation Area surrounding the marsh.  On the north side of the property doodle dams will be placed alongside the trail to provide a seasonal wetland for all types of different species!  They will help aid in waterfowls migration and act as a pit stop or possible nesting habitat while also serving as a new home for small invertebrates and amphibians.  On the south side of the property the trail will run along side of what is hopes to become a new prairie.  This will act as another piece of diversity throughout the property providing habitat for upland birds in this area.  Other opportunities that viewers will have will be one or two kayak accesses, an outdoor classroom, and a bridge the crosses one of the creeks that runs into the marsh.  Audubon County is very excited and eager to have this trail set in place so visitors from all over can enjoy what Iowa has to offer! Come out and take a look at what is coming in the near future!