Online Wild Learning Series (OWLS): Fall Leaves (6-8th)

Hartman Reserve Nature Center, Black Hawk County

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Check out our brand new OWLS program - Online Wild Learning Series! October's series features the science behind fall leaves and plant life cycles. Kids will join us virtually for 3 different activities that guides them through the life cycle of trees and the science of why leaves change color. See below for a detailed description of each activity. There will be parts of the activity that the kids will do ahead of our virtual chat. This series includes a virtual video chat on October 8th, October 15th and October 22nd  at 1pm. All of the activities and video chats will cover a variety of Next Generation Science Standards (please let us know if you'd like a copy of what standards will be covered). This series will be taught to a K-5th grade level. If you have a child that is older, please see the other OWLS program listing targeted for their age range. 

This is a fully virtual program. You are welcome to leave the video chat at any point, however, the program will start promptly at the specified date and time, led by Naturalists at Hartman Reserve. Digital program information will be emailed ahead of time to the email listed on your account. Please have all materials, indicated in the email, ready when the video chat begins.


October 8th: Activity 1 – Leaf Exploration: Take a walk through your backyard or through a local park collecting your favorite fall leaves. If possible, collect different types and colors of leaves. During your first video chat session with us, you will get a chance to show the leaves you found. We will also take our leaves and create leaf rubbings using paper, crayons/colored pencils. Please set up your paper, crayons/pencils and leaves in a space where you can do the rubbings on the video with us.

October 15th: Activity 2 – Asking Why: Take a walk through your backyard or through a local park collecting green leaves. During this video chat, we will walk you through an experiment that will reveal to us why leaves change color in the Fall. A supply list will be sent, which preparation information. We will then walk you through how to create leaf prints by pounding on green leaves, which will also reinforce the experiment in this activity. 

October 22nd: Activity 3 – Finishing the Cycle: In the last activity, you will go out in your backyard or a local park to do a seed scavenger hunt! We will provide scavenger hunt worksheets. Please bring a container(s) to collect seeds in. During this video chat, you will get to show us your seeds, and we will discuss the life cycle of trees. You will also get to see the giant box of seeds we have from across the Midwest.

Refund Policy: Refunds will only be given in the case of a documented medical emergency or funeral for programs more than $10 and be prorated based on the number of programs virtually attended. If program cost is under $10, a program voucher will be offered for a future program. If a program is cancelled due to weather or other unforeseen reasons, then a similar program will be offered in its place.


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Online Wild Learning Series (OWLS): Fall Leaves (6-8th)


Thursday, October 8, 2020
1:00 PM


VIRTUAL PROGRAM- Hartman Reserve Nature Center
657 Reserve Drive
Cedar Falls, IA 50613
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Children - $15.00