Prairie Land Trail

Posted:9/28/2021 Cerro Gordo

If you are looking for a new place to ride your bike or take a walk, that place is the Prairie Land trail, where Cerro Gordo County Conservation has completed 11-miles of a planned 21-mile trail.  The completed portion of the trail goes from 240th street in Mason City (SW corner of Mason City) to Jonquil Avenue (SW of Swaledale).  The trail surface is compacted limestone which provides a smooth and durable surface.  Parking areas have been created at 240th street in Mason City and in Swaledale on 150th street (B60).

Several areas of native prairie can be observed along the route.  The prairie vegetation provides everchanging views as the prairie flowers progress through the season.  Other interesting features found along the trail are the views from the bridge crossing Beaver Dam Creek south of Burchinal and the bridge crossing Beaver Creek south of Swaledale.

Cerro Gordo County Conservation is continuing to work on completing the final 10 miles of trail. A 3-mile section from Swaledale to Thornton is scheduled for completion in the Fall of 2022.  Remember the trail is a recreational trail for biking and hiking.  Motorized vehicles, except for authorized maintenance vehicles, and horses are prohibited.   For questions regarding the Prairie Land Trail contact the Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board at 641-423-5309 or