Updates to Archery Range

Posted:9/12/2012 Cerro Gordo / Spring Creek Preserve

The Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board and the Mohawk Archery Club have a long-term cooperative partnership in existence for approximately 30 years.  The original site for the Archery Club’s outdoor range is where the Lime Creek Nature Center presently is located.  The Archery Club and Conservation Board have a lease arrangement, whereby the Conservation Board has provided a site on county property for exclusive archery club organized events, allowing the public access the remaining days of the year.  Field archery targets are maintained on the site, walking trails are designated, parking access provided and an open shelter house for public and archery club use exists.   The current archery target range site, available for public use and for Mohawk Archery Club organized events is located at the Spring Creek Preserve, located north of Mason City, east of Hwy. #65 on county road B-20.  This partnership has recently been augmented by local Boy Scouts from Troop #401, located here in Mason City.  Two brothers Nick & Ben Marlow have organized and completed two separate Eagle Scout Projects that have already greatly impacted both the Mohawk Archery Club membership/guests attending their sponsored events and general public visiting the archery target range facility, located on County Conservation Board property.   The Eagle Scout project initiated and completed under the guidance of Nick Marlow featured construction of seven archery target holders, designed by Dave Luett of the Mohawk Archery Club, who also pre-cut the lumber materials.  The construction was then subsequently completed by the Eagle Scout volunteers.  The required materials for the target holder kits were provided by the Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board.  Six of the target holders are arranged in a 10 to 60 yard layout for field archery practice.  The final target holder was specially designed for “broad head” equipped arrows for hunting simulation target practice.  A gravel target station pad was also constructed, for the 10-60 yard targets.  The Boy Scout volunteers also assisted with placement of lime chips at the archery range entrance to allow access for patrons with disability issues and finally placed gravel at the shooting station access points, for the 10-60 yard target stands.   The second Eagle Scout project was initiated and completed under the guidance of Ben Marlow and featured construction of a range informational KIOSK, which will feature a map of the woodland trails at Spring Creek Preserve and the accompanying locations of the archery target stations.  In addition he and his volunteers cleaned and painted the steel footbridge, placed directional signage on the walking trails and added gravel in access areas that were subject to holding water.  The necessary materials for this project were also provided by the Conservation Board.   These two cooperative Boy Scout Eagle projects involved many hours of volunteer contributions along with staff assistance from the Conservation Board.  The completed projects have provided significant improvements to the archery target range.  This unique cooperative archery range venture benefits both the local club membership and all other county archers throughout the year.  The Cerro Gordo County Conservation Board greatly appreciates and acknowledges the continued support, archery range guidance and cooperation from the Mohawk Archery Club and this most recent partnership with Troop #401 of the Boy Scouts of America, located in Mason City.  Thanks to all involved, especially the ambitious Eagle Scout Candidates, Ben & Nick Marlow of Mason City, their volunteers and the Mohawk Archery Club.  For more information regarding the public range contact the Conservation Board @ 641-423-5309.