Martins Access

Equestrian Activities at Martins Access

Martin Access includes five miles of marked horseback riding trails. 

The trails wind through woodlands and prairies, crossing small streams and bringing riders near to the banks of the Little Sioux River. Riders will enjoy beautiful views and the quiet of birdsong and the wind in the trees.

Due to the steep terrain and rare plant communities within the park, horses will not be permitted on trails during wet conditions, nor may they be ridden off-trail or on trails marked with "no horses" signs. Riders that do not comply will be asked to leave, and may be assessed a $50 fine for each offense


Trailer access is located within the south gate at the Trail Head parking area designated by split rail fence.


In order to preserve these resources for future generations, trail riders are asked to follow the
 "Back Country Horsemen Commandments"
1. The horseman shall not keep horses longer than it takes to unpack or pack them in any campsite normally used by other park users.
2. The horseman shall not tie his stock directly to a tree.
3. The horseman shall not cut switchbacks.
4. The horseman shall not leave a fire unattended. (All fires in the park are restricted to designated steel fire rings in designated campsites.)
5. The horseman shall properly dispose of all manure, bailing twine, wire and waste hay in camp areas, trailheads or loading areas.
6. The horseman shall abide by administrative rules and regulations affecting the area he/she is in.
7. The horseman shall recognize the fragility of the back country environment and practice minimum impact techniques at all times.


  • Horse Trails at Martin's Access are closed annually from October 1 through May 31.
  • Day-use only
  • Horses are not permitted on trails during wet conditions


Closed for Winter