Osborne Park

Historic Visits at Osborne Park

Many people ask the history of Osborne… when it was started, where it is headed and so on.  The name of the center comes from the gentleman that first occupied this site in 1865 and named it after himself- Thomas Osborne.  In 1878 Mr. Osborne began selling plots of land in order to form the town of Osborne.  By 1880 Osborne had grown to include 50 full-time residents, a 2 ½ story hotel, blacksmith shop, general store, grain elevator and railroad depot.However, due to low food prices the town began to fade until the town quickly shrank to less than 10 people. 

You can now come visit the Pioneer Village replica that includes a general store, depot, train, hotel, blacksmith shop, log cabin, and country schoolhouse.


29862 Osborne Rd.
Elkader, IA 52043


Iowa Welcome Center, nature center, native wildlife exhibit, trails, shelters, day-use.


Park closes at 10:30PM