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Pictured Rocks is cooperatively managed by the Jones County Conservation Board and the Iowa DNR.  Jones County manages about 70 acres, which includes the area open to rappeling and rock climbing on the map.  The Iowa DNR manages in excess of 1,000 acres as a wildlife management area, open to hunting, fishing, paddling and hiking.


Getting to know Pictured Rocks: Collin’s Wall is right at the parking lot. Gumby Wall is left of Collin’s Wall, it is the wall and detatched pillar which can be seen right before you take your left into the parking lot on the left side. Chicago Wall can be reached by going to the right instead of left. The rest of the walls are accessed from the main trail as you walk farther into the park. Due to the steep narrow road leading down into Pictured Rocks a gate is closed and locked at the beginning of the winter season.  Contact the Jones County Ranger at (563)487-5038 for more specific information on gate closure dates.  Pictured Rocks Climbing Map





3 miles SE of Monticello on Hwy 38, 1 mile E on 190th St

Pictured Rocks Wildlife Management Area


The "Pictured Rocks" name is derived from unusual formations in the ancient rock bluffs along the Maquoketa River.

Features include: Rock climbing, a short hiking trail, Maquoketa River water access, open air shelter and restroom and public land for hunting deer, turkey and squirrel.  

Caving at Pictured Rocks is now limited to protect bat species against White Nose Bat Syndrome.  Cave users will need a completed authorization form from the Jones County Conservation Board Director in order to access the caves at Pictured Rocks.   Contact the Jones County Conservation Administrative Office at (563)487-3541 for an authorization form.  Allow 1 week for processing of the authorization form.   Cave authorization form.


4:30 AM - 10:30 PM daily


10:30 PM - 4:30 AM daily