Whitewater Canyon

Trails & Hiking at Whitewater Canyon

Whitewater Canyon and Wildlife Management Area is cooperatively managed by the Dubuque and Jones County Conservation Boards.  This area features a large parking lot, interpretive signage, and a hiking trail system.  Scenic overlooks and vistas as well as several caves and rock shelters await to be discovered.  Those willing to work can enjoy hunting and stream fishing.  Winter opportunities include snowshoeing and cross country skiing on ungroomed trails.


Located 5 miles east of Cascade.  Take Hwy 151 east and turn south onto Curoe Road.  Follow the familiar brown county conservation board arrowhead signs.  Keep traveling south on Curoe Road until it turns to gravel. (Do not follow curve on highway.)  Turn right into the parking lot.


563 acres 

A wildlife management area with hiking trails, a scenic overlook, a stone dam constructed in 1935 and an abundance of natural beauty.

Whitewater Canyon Wildlife Management Area

Whitewater Canyon Wildlife Management Area #2


4:30 AM - 10:30 PM daily


10:30 PM - 4:30 AM daily