East Blue Creek bridge aerial view
East Blue Creek bridge aerial view
East Blue Creek bridge
East Blue Creek
West Blue Creek, after construction

NEW! Cedar Valley Nature Trail bridge over East Blue Creek nearly complete

Posted:6/28/2018 Linn

January 2019 update

After the heavy rains and flooding late summer and early fall set back construction, bridge construction was able to continue into the winter on the bridge over East Blue Creek.   Additional fencing and railing work will continue this spring.  Concrete will also be poured along the approaches.  We hope to have the bridge open this spring


June 2018 update

The Cedar Valley Nature Trail will be closed starting July 9, 2018, just west of Center Point between North Center Point Road and Main Street/Rolling Acres Road for work associated with the bridge replacement project over ​East Blue Creek.   

Iowa Bridge and Culvert was awarded the construction contract with the low bid of $609,265 to replace the 150 foot bridge, originally built in 1914.  The new bridge will be safer, wider, and sustainable.  This closure along the trail is expected to last through early November, weather permitting.

This bridge will be similar ​in appearance to the new bridge​ constructed over West Blue Creek in 2017 (see photo).   These improvement projects are crucial for the Cedar Valley Nature Trail-Phase 5 hard surfacing project.  Planning continues to eventually pave the Cedar Valley Nature Trail's next phase from Ash Lane Near Center Point to Benton County near Interstate 380.


Any questions about the project can be directed to conservation@linncounty.org