Winter Fun at Linn County Conservation

Winter Fun in Linn County Parks

Posted:11/29/2018 Linn

Winter provides a unique perspective and highlights the changing beauty to the outdoors.  These colder months of the year allow for hiking, snowshoeing, wildlife watching, photograhy, and much more!

CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING  (click below for trail map)

Pinicon Ridge Park  1.6 miles  *redesigned loop

Matsell Bridge Natural Area 5 miles

Morgan Creek Park 3.8 miles

Squaw Creek Park 3.5 miles

Wickiup Hill Learning Center  3.3 miles  (this trail modified this season due to pending wetland enhancement work south of the Wickiup Hill Learning Center)


usually 4" of snow is required for our equipment to be able to groom trails.  Tracks are first "rolled" and thne "groomed".  Hikers, horses, and dogs are encouraged to stay off the Nodic ski track.



The area next to Red Cedar Lodge at Squaw Creek Park and a hill by Woodpecker lodge at Pinicon Ridge Park have been popular for sleeding during the winter months. 



These opportunities are abundant along the Wapispinicon and Cedar rivers.


Wickiup Hill Learning Center  3.3 miles
Wickiup Hill Learning Center  3.3 miles